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This section aims to help people in avoiding bad luck, rather than achieving good luck, simply because it is near impossible to achieve 100% perfect luck.

Everyone has a hidden attribute known as luck, which fluctuates daily. This is the factor which determines the 'randomness' of practices you get when you level, the amount of HP you gain when you train HP, and so on. Thus, leveling or training while your luck is good will gives you a slight bonus. However do not let this discourage you from gaining levels any time as the effect is only minimal.

Though luck is not reflected in your Score, it is possible for you to estimate your current luck by looking around you. There are many factors that influence your luck, so only the major ones shall be discussed.

Alignment VS Moons Position (~70%)
There are four moons (type 'weather' at night to see them), namely Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari and Azurus. The first three moons are the manifestations of the gods for good, neutral and evil respectively, while Azurus embodies the essence of all magic in the land. In simple terms, your luck varies according to your alignment and each moon's phase. If the moon of your alignment is bright or full (Azurus may be disregarded as it hardly influences anything), then your luck will probably be good, and if the moon of your opposite alignment is up, then your luck would be not-so-good.

In greater depth, there are actually cross-effects between the moons. For example, if both Solinari and Nuitari are bright, they sort of cancel out each other's effects. Thus, looking at only one moon is not enough. You have to watch for moons of opposite alignment. For neutral characters, you have to watch all moons.

Zodiac VS Constellation (~20%)
It should not come as a surprise that your zodiac affects your luck. Basically, if the current constellation is compatible with your zodiac sign, then you will probably have better luck. In addition, you might be a bit luckier if it is your birth month.

There are few other factors (~10%) which influence luck but they are not as critical as these (like factors which gives different people different luck). In any case, you will do fine if you can understand all this. And a reminder: It is hardly possible to find a 'perfect' time to level. Just avoid the bad days and you will do great.

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