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Training Attributes & Statistics

In most other MUDs, the standard practice is to train your wisdom first regardless of what class you are. HOTL3 is very different, because, depending on what kind of character you wish to be, you would train different attributes and statistics first. For instance, if you wish to be a warrior, then your Strength, Dexterity and Constitution are more important. If you wish to be a spell caster, then your Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity are very crucial.

But no matter what character you have, you should train your HP at least once per level in order to survive the fight against bigger monsters. This is especially important at mid-range levels where you face most monsters alone. (If you are level 25, you should have trained your hp at least 25 times)

In addition, you should train your Movement at least once every two levels, while training of Mana is purely your own choice.

Base or Continuous?

Your character has a set of base attributes and statistics that are heavily dependent on your race at first generation (at subsequent generations, they will depend on your fusion result), as well as a set of continuous attributes which will determine how strong your character is. These numbers are hidden from your score. To see them, type 'info'.

  Base Continuous
Attributes Base attributes are the green numbers in parentheses next to each of your attributes. They represent the maximum to which you can train that attribute. However, you may raise these attributes, in increasing proportion to the levels you gain, by wearing or using items that boost these attributes. Continuous attributes are displayed in white next to your base attributes. They may fluctuate depending on the equipment you wear in conjunction with how much experience you get. These attributes will influence the number of practices you gain when you raise a level, and how much HP, Mana or Movement you gain when you train. Continuous attributes only change when you make a kill that gives enough experience points; kills with less than 10 experience points will not affect continuous stats.
Statistics Base statistics are the levels up to which you can train HP, Mana and Movement without suffering a penalty. Example: Character A has a base HP of 1000. He trains his HP up to 1000, getting 25hp per train. But after the 1000 mark, he gets only 20hp per train. The gain will be lower the further he gets from his HP base. Continuous statistics aren't really that important...

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